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New to Facials?

What's it like getting a facial? What do I have to do?

At first glance, you think facial, smacial. What's the big deal? Well, this is one of those experiences where you end up surprised at how enjoyable it is. You'll find yourself lying there, totally relaxed, thinking: "What's that wonderful scent? Why does that feel so good? I've never felt anything like that before." To top it off, you have a professional skin person able to recommend solutions for skin issues you've always wondered about.

Here's what you'll experience:
Barbara will greet you at the door by name. Yes, you'll have to fill out the little legal questionnaire. Nothing prying, just making sure you don't have any allergies, stuff like that. Barbara then leads you to a private room. From this point on, worries and stress start to melt away. You don't have to do anything, no decisions. Barbara takes over, has you lie down on the table. She lays warm white blanket over your body. Fresh out of the dryer. Do you remember how good that feels?

Treatment varies depending on your skin condition, which type of facial you selected. Yet this general process holds true:
You close your eyes. She then applies the first facial treatment.  The deep cleansing product. You'll notice how soothing the warmth is, the pleasant scent....but it's the soft warm hands on your face that begin the relaxation. It feels soooo good.

It's so difficult to describe with words, but Barbara's hands massaging your face induce a relaxation you've never experienced before. At this point, a lot of clients fall asleep. It's ok. Let yourself relax. Snoring is allowed.
Barbara then starts the exfoliation process, gently removing dead skin cells. The microscrub is then removed with warm steamed towels. A masque is applied to your face, left to cure while your arms and hands are massaged with shea butter. More warm towels. Finally eye cream and moisturizer are applied, resulting in a new, fresh, relaxed face. You are then ready to float to the rest of your day.

Everybody deserves pampering.