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Facial services

 Relaxing Holistic facial $80.00 (60 min)
  60 minutes of a wonderful way to rejuvenate and relax. Includes
  an effective microdermabrasion treatment, deep cleansing, lots of
 facial massage and a decadent masque. Also includes the ultimate hand
 and arm massage with shea butter. Hands then placed in warm herbal mitts.
 All by "soft hands" Barbara.
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Vitamin C Antioxidant facial $85.00 (60 min)
 Vitamin C is loaded with antioxidants. A great anti-aging product.
  Smooths lines and lightens age    spots (hyperpigmentation). Facial
  includes deep cleansing (to deep clean your pores), natural mineral lemon
  microdermabrasion for exfoliation. Lemon also lightens age spots.
  Massage to relax the facial muscles. A luxurious masque and eye treatment
  included along with arm and hand massage with shea  butter.
  Boston Bliss  (Winter Facial)  $85.00 (60 min.)
   Boston is my hometown and is famous for its cranberry bogs.
   So in honor of my hometown, this is a cranberry facial, with
   natural cranberry products are not only a wonderful aroma
   of the holidays, they're also fabulous for skin. It's an
   antioxidant and antiflammatory. It has vitamins C and B.
   Which makes it antiaging also. It's great for winter dryness
   and brightens skin. Good for all skin types
   This facial includes a cranberry cleanser, microscrub,
   and a decadent cranberry vanilla masque. And of course,
   lots of facial massage. Also a relaxing  arm and hand massage
   with aroma therapy oils.
 The Soul Restorer               $100.00 (60 min.)
A deeply relaxing skin treatment which includes a facial and a hand & arm
and foot massage. It starts with a organic relaxing facial which includes
microdermabrasion and a decadent masque. And it continues with a hand &
arm and foot massage with aromatherapy oils.  All natural products.
A great way to deeply relax and rejuvenate.